Peppermint CBD tea (10pk)



Peppermint Tea (10pk)

The peppermint and Hemp tea is a perfect way to start the day, the peppermint will wake you up and the Hemp will give you a subtle wellness that last the day. Each package contains 10 (50mg) teabags

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Studies suggest CBD oil has many health benefits including pain relief, reduces inflammation, relieves stress and anxiety, provides antioxidant protection, is an immunity boost, produces relaxation and aides sleep .

Hemp is a plant that contains Cannabidiol, or CBD, as do other plants such as Echinacea or Kale.  Cannabidiol is a molecule that interacts with the body’s regulatory system, reducing inflammation and boosting your immune system.

Before any of our hemp is used, we test it for quality and purity in approved laboratories.

Our oil is made with the best ingredients, including the root of the hemp plant where the strongest concentration of CBD is produced.  Processed in artisan conditions, it develops into a flavorful, potent and natural oil ready for consumption.

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